My name is Karen Clymer, and I am a happily married mother of three. I wanted a way to document my life, but also make it accessible to my friends and family. I honestly wish I would have started something like this when my oldest was born. So much has changed in that time, and to see the growth in not only my children but also myself would have been priceless, but as they say ‘better late than never.’

In this blog I will talk about my parenting experiences, my children, and lots of other odds and ends. I’m  passionate about a lot of the ideas I will be discussing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open for discussion. I try to be open minded, and I understand that not all parenting styles work for everyone, nor should they.

I would also like to note that I am NOT a writer, to say the least, and some of you may cringe at my writing. I apologize in advance. I welcome constructive criticism and feedback. I promise I don’t bite… usually.

Happy reading


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